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Liberty Closed for Repairs?

October 3, 2013

Alex Paramo

Tomorrow evening, I will be headed home to NYC to visit friends and family. I return home triumphantly with my life-partner my 6 year old daughter and as a published Author! My daughter is excited to visit her relatives and her dad’s old stomping grounds for the first time but lets face it, for her, visiting the Statue Liberty trumps everything. Unfortunately a small band of individuals “representing” us in government have been able to shut down our government. Besides the sheer irresponsibility of taking the country down the path of economic instability, and in-turn taking the global economy down with it, their stance is motivated by their desire to “stop Obama Care” the Affordable Care Act. Whether you agree or disagree with the Act, it is now law and has been for awhile. Nothing that the small band of individuals in congress are doing can stop the Act.

Personally I will not shy away from my responsibility to my fellow American because the idea of helping your family, neighbors, and countrymen is part of the American experience, as well as the Human experience. The three “major” religions as well as most other traditions/religions demand that we help our fellow man (person). That is, for me, the idea behind the Statue of Liberty. Much of our country is populated by people whose ancestors saw the Statue of Liberty on their way to Ellis Island. Even if your family came by plane from south of the border, like my family did, they all knew about the Statue of Liberty and what she represents. The Statue of Liberty is now closed and therefore we say to everyone that Liberty is closed. The idea that helping your fellow man (person) is now closed in the U.S. It is a water-shed moment in our history. Are we going to be a country populated by folks that care for each other and not just themselves or are we going to cave in to a small band of representatives that are pushing forward the agenda of their corporate/billionaire benefactors. I hope that when we get to the gates of the Ferry that takes us to the Statue of Liberty, I can tell my 6 year old daughter that the Statue of Liberty is open and that our country chose the path of helping our fellow countrymen, and continuing the tradition originally represented by the beautiful statue.


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