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Community Publishing to date

December 17, 2013

Hi friends, as many of you all know, Community Publishing about a year ago. Since we have lots of friends who are artist, musicians, photographers, writers etc., we wanted to provide a digital platform to display to the world their amazing talents! Additionally, being parents of our amazing little girl Marisol, we became aware that it is essential that everyone contribute to promoting literacy in our communities! All of our projects contain an educational component and are bilingual (English and Spanish). Additionally, our first release, Princess Marisol & The Moon Thieves: (Jackie Zamora, Matias Pizarro, Juan Ramirez, Audrey McNamara, Christian Orellana – Concepto Tambor, Alex Paramo), is being translated into Navajo (Marisol is 1/4 Navajo – enrolled). Our next release is Fiona the Funkadelic Freckle Fairy: (Alayna Roche, Acey May, Audrey McNamara, Gabriela Cabanilla Cordovez) whose educational component emphasizes our solar system! The Grand Fantastic Life of DJ Flo Fader: (Roscoe Floyd, Alex Lopez, Hakim Bellamy, Corrin Cameron) blends photography and music: its educational component emphasizes the need for focus and dedication in whatever professional path you follow. Samuel’s Story: (Hakim Bellamy) is a wonderful and touching poem that will be “multimedia-zed” thereby creating poetry that is pleasing for all the senses! Princess Marisol & the Portal: (Keith Sanchez, Nick Fury, Dan Garduno, Chris López, Alex Paramo), the sequel to Princess Marisol & the Moon Thieves, will emphasize all of the great places and music from the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico! These multimedia eBooks play on all platforms (PC, Mac) including tablets and eReaders #iPad. They are reasonably priced from 1.99 to 9.99. Please check out the FB Pages for the above projects and support LOCAL artists and businesses, like Community Publishing


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