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Medium vs the Message

May 7, 2014

The medium vs the message: its been ruminating in our minds for the last several hours. As people cling to concepts of traditions and traditional we stand (sit actually) scratching our heads and thinking, “if its the same message why then should the medium matter?” Like the cassette tape vs the CD, digital vs analog, the CD vs the MP3 – the music actually sounds better! Why? Because the technology allows the listener to experience the music the way it was intended to sound, the way the sweaty percussionist Cody Jones and guitarist Greg Hernandez and singer Keith Sanchez intended for it to sound! And lets not forget the hours of programming/engineering that John Wall or Nick Fury or Cesar Mejia put into a project.

Medium vs the Message



I prefer to focus on the message and how it’s dissemination can be improved upon. In the case of books, multimedia eBooks, like Princess Marisol & The Moon Thieves harness the power of many creative entities to tell my story in their way. Audrey McNamara-Garcia took my story and told it her way through illustrations; Matias Pizarro with his drums, ChristianO’s Concepto Tambor with his flute, Juan Ramirez with his assortment of instruments, Marisol through her singing and Jackie Zamora with her narration. At Community Publishing we are dedicated to bringing stories to life through a multisensory experience harnessing the talents of our local musicians, artists, DJ’s, photographers, poets…

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