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We are currently working on many exciting multimedia projects spanning the gamut of artistic fields. Please visit Community Publishing for more information.

  1. Fiona the Funkadelic Freckle Fairy is our recently released bilingual multimedia eBook written by Alayna Roché It features the illustrations of Audrey McNamara. Narrated in English by AlaynTitle Pagea Roché and Spanish byGabriela Cabanilla Cordovez. Additional contributions by Yvette Sandoval (graphic art), and Acey May (illustrations). The educational component for this multimedia eBook focuses on Astronomy and our solar system in general. Please follow the link above for more information!
  2. Princess Marisol & The Moon Thievesreleased on April, 2013, is no ordinary children’s book. It is a multimedia children’s adventure. In this powerful, yet fun-loving tale about a little princess who is trying to recover the stolen moon from a couple of mischievous musicians, we are taken on a journey filled with adventure, beauty and ultimately self-discovery.
    Princess Marisol & The Moon Thieves In its creation, there has been a collaboration of artistry from the fields of  music, fine art and literature and the result is a proverbial story of working  together and learning respect for each other and for nature. To reinforce  those  lessons the book contains a curriculum component that can be used by  educators, parents and guardians alike.
    An additional theme of the work places a focus on multiculturalism. As the  world  around us grows, our interaction with people from other cultures  becomes more  common. Learning about and from these cultures is both vital and beautiful. – Please click here for more information and to purchase.
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